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Winners 2022 Register for 2023

What a fabulous experience this was, with so many CX professionals in one place! How can one leave without feeling even more motivated about putting customers at the heart of your business? Well done to judges who gave up their time - the effort and passion in those presentations was outstanding!
Emma Sutton, Senior Customer Director EMEA, Cloud Transformation, Oracle

The Ultimate Accolade in CX

Awards International is delighted to present Gulf CXA® 2022, the ultimate accolade in CX, which celebrates the outstanding achievements of organisations in customer experience from across the Gulf Region.

Customer Experience is defined by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) as:

“...The perception that customers have of an organization - one that is formed based on interactions across all touchpoints, people, and technology over time”.

Many organisations from across the Region have showcased their CX initiatives at the Gulf CXA® over the last seven years; now, more than ever, it is important we identify the best-of-the-best practices and recognise the amazing achievements of CX heroes to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

The Awards Finals will be held LIVE in a five-star venue on February 21st 2022 in the wonderful city of Dubai, with the finalists presenting to judging panels in the afternoon and the glamorous black-tie dinner in the evening.

Winners 2022

Not only was the event entertaining, it also provided an excellent opportunity to learn about CX efforts in a wide range of activities from an interesting mix of organisations.
Jan Rozendaal, Managing Consultant, Looyint

Unique Awards Experience

From the entry phase to the Awards Finals, we have made sure to provide the best awards experience to each of our entrants.

With an updated set of 16 categories; no matter the size, sector, or scope of your organisation - we have the right category for you!

The updated categories reflect how business priorities in CX have changed during the year. We have also streamlined the entry form; it now features 7 criteria (and 8 for the team and professional categories).

Also, we are the only awards with a bespoke awards software giving full auditability of scoring and feedback reports. Via our Awards Manager , you can access your own portal and account and revisit your application until the entries are perfectly crafted.

CXTrendsTalks™ are one of our latest additions we’re very proud of. Specialist CX speakers will be keeping us up to date on the latest research, business trends and opinions from the world of CX. These insightful talks will be taking place throughout the day.

Winners 2022

We believe our colleagues are brilliant at what they do; they make it their personal responsibility to make things as easy as possible for customers. This nomination shows that all their hard work is paying off, and is being recognised.
Lee Robinson, Customer Service Director, Baxi Customer Support

How to Enter


Choose the category(-ies); find those that reflect your organisation’s success. You may enter up to six categories. Also, you may submit the same entry across multiple categories, if it applies.


Submit your entry form; the online entry form is your key to impressing the judges, so make the best of it! Present all the valid reasons why your initiative should be highly appreciated and awarded this year.

What happens next?

On November 25th the shortlist will be announced and you will be contacted with the full details for the Awards Finals taking place on February 21st 2022

For more information on the entry process, and for answers to any other questions, please contact your Awards Consultant Kristina Simonovic on +44 2086387570 or email Kristina at kristina@awardsinternational.com

IMPORTANT: Attending the awards is reserved only for organisations that book tickets. Learn more about the tickets by visiting our booking page.

Winners 2022

Awards programmes are a way to demonstrate good practice. Complaint handling is a space that gets negative feedback, but it can show that companies are improving and making a difference.
Emma Sutton, Senior Customer Director EMEA, Cloud Transformation, Oracle

Ethical Awards

Awards International is proud to say that our impeccable judging process ensures all entrants will get a fair, transparent and objective scrutiny of their applications.

We believe that we organise the fairest and most rigorously judged awards in the world. A large panel of independent judges ensures fairness because they take the time to assess every entry carefully. The judges are selected based on their experience and qualifications.

Here is what we can GUARANTEE:

  • At least 3-6 judges per category
  • Every entry is scored at least 10 times by the judges in your category (first online and then again at the live online presentations)
  • 6,500 unique scores on the day, plus 5,200 scores from written entries
  • Each entry is scrutinised by independent judges for at least 7.5 hours
In recognition of our achievements, we are recipients of the coveted Outstanding Trust Mark from the Independent Awards Standards Council, for the second year running.

Awards International will continue to strive for perfection in all our events, so that every participant can have the best possible awards experience!

Winners 2022

I definitely advise companies to consider entering the awards, I think it's been a fantastic experience, we were very nervous but the whole thing has put us at ease and it has been a really good team building exercise.
Tracey Clough, Hitachi Capital

Advancing CX in the Gulf

“The world is changing at an astonishing rate. With the experience of coping with the pandemic, organisations around the world realised the importance of investing long-term in customer experience.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face has become – retaining customers. And in the years ahead, it will be even harder to keep customers engaged and give them a reason to stay loyal.

We're happy to see that customer experience is gaining more prominence in the last couple of years, and especially during this unprecedented time in history.

The Gulf region is emerging as one of the leading CX sectors of the global economy. GCXA™ is here to help recognise the extraordinary efforts and achievements of its hard-working CX professionals.

By shining a light on outstanding CX efforts during these times, we can help and inspire other businesses on their journeys in the post-pandemic world, to survive and thrive.

Awards International has always been at the forefront of CX development, helping propel the best efforts in the industry. We will continue doing so, and we invite you to join us on this amazing journey.”

Neil Skehel,
CEO and co-founder of Awards International

Winners 2022

We believe our colleagues are brilliant at what they do; they make it their personal responsibility to make things as easy as possible for customers. This nomination shows that all their hard work is paying off, and is being recognised.
Lee Robinson, Customer Service Director, Baxi Customer Support

Meeting & Networking

GCXA™ will be the ultimate celebration of top CX efforts in the Gulf region.

Over the course of several days, you will have many opportunities to meet and network with fellow CX professionals.

This will help you expand your network of business contacts and learn more about the latest trends and practices in customer experience.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Awards Finals and Ceremony – February 21st 2022
  • CX Masterclass with Ian Golding – February 22nd and 23rd, 2022 (two whole-day events )
  • CX Masterclass in Arabic with Olga Budieri - February 22nd & 23rd 2022 (two half days)
  • 1-hour consultancy with Ian Golding - February 24th 2022